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CETABON (stanozolol+vit.B1,B6,B12) 100tabs/2mg
CETABON (stanozolol+vit.B1,B6,B12) 100tabs/2mg
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Generic name: stanozolol+vit.B1,B6,B12

Delivery: 200tabs x 2mg (Mfd. by Unilab Pharmaceuticals Co., Thailand)


Stanozolol 2 mg. per tab. DHT derivative. Low androgenic steroid with little or no aromatization. It is very popular with both men and women as it has very few side effects. It's often stacked with testosterone for size gain or with Parabolan or Primobolan for cutting. Its reputation boasts solid permanent muscle gains which are not lost after use.Excessive doses are to be avoided as they may be toxic to the liver. It has also been considered to cause virilization in women.


For men the usual dosage is 25-50 mg per day for the tablets and 50-100 mg every or every other day for the injectable. Women should stay away from the injectable since it is too high of a dose and stick with 5-10 mg tablets per day, just to be on the safe side if androgenic problems arise. As said above the length of use should be kept to 5-8 weeks.

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