ANDRIOL (UNDESTOR) - (testosteroni undecanoas) 60tabs/40mg
ANDRIOL (UNDESTOR) - (testosteroni undecanoas) 60tabs/40mg
[TH 60tabs/40mg]

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Date Added: 11/23/2014 by Steven Whitson
Not an item to be used for working out, strength or bodybuilding! It is best used for prolonged off cycle use and was actually prescribed to me when I was living in east European to help boost fertility for men. In that regards, it worked very well and I now have a beautiful, healthy and intelligent 9 year old daughter.


1. Best to be used for long terms off any type of Anabolic Steroid
2. For men who want a child but having a very difficult time producing strong and viable sperm count.

Note: Dose should be taken as suggested by instructions, as this really will have no benefits except maintaining what muscle you already have.
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